Alice Thacher Post to Jane Addams, August 23, 1924


August 23, 1924.

Dear Miss Addams:

I am enclosing letters from Mrs. Villard to Miss Balch, which came with $25.00, and from Mrs. R. M. Lovett to me, which came with $20.00. And Miss Balch has written of the $550.00 from Miss McMurtrie. That is fine. Now I feel that I can take from the Fund for Postage for the Reports, something I had been afraid to do until yesterday. I shall continue to do this as necessary unless I hear from you not to do it. Of course such money can be put back if I am making a mistake.

I received the following telegram from you this morning:

"Please delay mailing [illegible] Reports until British plan reaches you. Feel omission takes away only practicable suggestions of Congress. Also owe courtesy to British Section. No copy here. Will secure one for you. Consider rewrapping slight matter compared to importance. Hope you can forgive me. Amy Woods reaches Washington September fourth."

I wired you then as follows:

"As editor regret change of plan. I was officially instructed by Heymann to use only French Cahier. I understood British Cahier was not production of British Section but of a group of liberal organizations of which British Section was one. Might seem weak to make point of using it."

I then discontinued distribution of Report. I went to the printers to find the status of the wrapping, and found that all undelivered Reports were wrapped except about 80. This was too small a number to make it [worthwhile] to order them held unwrapped, so I said nothing about any change of order.

In the late afternoon a wire came from you over the phone which they are to mail to me, which was in effect that you agreed with my last wire, and authorized me to go on with the distribution. You also explained that Miss Heymann had misunderstood the presentation of the British Cahier in a form not purporting to be the work of the British Section, and that it was so presented to save time, but that they had really adopted it as their own. What I said in my telegram about what I understood in regard to the British Cahier I did not really get from Miss Heymann; she may have understood it all right. It was my understanding of the situation as a member of the Congress who noticed that very little was said about it, and who examined the Cahier itself. But Miss Heymann did not include it in the careful lists she made out for me, and did tell me to use only the French Cahier, I supposed for the [page 2] reasons I have given.

When I went to the printing office this afternoon they showed me two beautifully bound copies of the Report, one FOR YOU and one FOR ME. Then they packed yours for mailing and I have sent it to you by parcel post today. If you should wish to write to them about it you should address.

Mr. Frank P. Howard,
President Columbian
Printing Co.,
215 Fourteenth Street, N.W.,

They have been wonderfully kind and [cooperative] about the whole piece of work, and I think they have made a good job of it.

Always affectionately yours,

↑A carbon goes to E.G.B.↓