Branislawa Oleski Lamprecht de Petschenko to Jane Addams, September 10, 1924

September, 10th. 1924.
Auguste Viktoriastr. 62
Miss Jane Addams

Dear Miss Addams,

I am extremely sorry to bother you in the summertime with the troubles I have so much on my heart, but as you will see from the enclosed article there is no other way to find than to interest those friends who have already shown a sympathy and help and who have an understanding [for?] this special need. You would surely do the greatest work in the world if you would participate in this special relief and help us to protect the children from other similar catastrophes. The winter is at the door and thousands and thousands of such orphans are looking to our committee for help. I am asking you therefore not to neglect this problem and to do all you can to help us.

I am also enclosing you 1 copy of a report of Mr. Murray Hulbert's, Vice Mayor of New York City, visit at our best boarding school at Falkenberg Mark, as well as [a] copy of Mr. Hulbert's letter to Mr. Post and some [photographs] of this school. Only thanks to Mr. Post and a few American friends was it possible for me with the greatest difficulties in the world to keep this school going through the summertime. Two weeks ago I received a letter from Mr. Post saying that there were no more funds available for this purpose, and that there could be no promise made when some money could be had. I have been forced to repeat these tidings at a committee meeting to the members of [my?] committee. The director of this boarding school Mr. Strachowitsch, has also attended this meeting, and on [page 2] his return home he told the children the contents of the meeting and that it was decided that part of them would be obliged to take care of themselves, as there were no funds to keep the school going. The result of this information was the awful catastrophe you will read in the enclosed copy. As the children are awfully afraid of another winter like the last one has been I would be very happy to hear from you personally whether and what you can do for this school.

We have many interesting new European members, among others Romain Rolland, and many of them have done their share for our relief.

I am asking you to kindly send checks to our treasurer, Mr. Edward [S. Blagden], Bank of America, New York City, or directly to the American Friends Service Committee, Berlin, Dorotheenstr. 2, for our committee.

With very best regards and wishes, I am,

Very sincerely Yours,

Mme. Br. Lamprecht de Petschenko [signed]