Lida Gustava Heymann to Jane Addams, August 22, 1924

St. Anton Am Arlberg
[illegible] d 22 August 1924

Dear Jane Addams!

Since weeks, I intend to write to you, but only today I find the time to do it. First of all, Anita Augspurg and I want to thank you once more for all your kindness, you had for us during our Aufenthall in America. We are both very happy, that we have been in America. I not only enjoyed my trip there over, I also have the feeling that it gave me a better understanding for many things in political life.

Congress and Summer school surely were a success for our American branch. The second Pax special was very good and all our meetings in Canada were splendid. I think that Agnes Macphail is a strong personality and a very fine woman. I enjoyed the time I spend with her in Ottawa very much. -- Our passage was good to -- -- -- if only Mrs. Ramondt would not always play the governess of the Intern. W.L.P.F. Our league is no children school, it is unbearably, all our delegates agreed in that. Augspurg and I stayed 6 weeks in London, we had such a good time with Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence and Mary Sheepshanks. Then we wanted to go to Yella Hertzka, on the way to her, we had to pass St. Anton. Mountains, air, waterfall, flowers all were so fine [page 2] that we took a rest here and from here, we will go to Hamburg, to prepare our Conference of the German branch. We hope it will be a success. We will treat the question of Pan Europa and Capy and Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence will come.

The political situation in Germany has not changed very much, we hope that the Conference of London will do some good. Very much was not attained, but the whole atmosphere was better, the Germans were treated like human beings. The political spirit is better in the north of Germany than in the south, but we hope that it will be possible for Dr. Augspurg and me to return to Munich during the winter. The [kinderhistory] was [too] awful, Augspurg & I take the things easier, but Gertrud Baer is so crushed down by it, that she has [forlorn] all confidence in our League.

Vilma Glücklich stopped here on her way from Budapest to Geneva; she was in good spirit and full of energy for the work in our League.

Anita Augspurg and I wish, that you have recovered from the hard time, that you had during our visit in America and that you ↑had↓ your fine [restful] weeks with Miss Smith together in your country place. Good wishes and kindly regards to you and Miss Smith from Anita Augspurg and me.

Yours very sincerely

Lida Gustava Heymann