Amy Woods to Jane Addams, September 5, 1924


September 5, 1924

Dear Miss Addams:

Your telegram just received regarding Cahier. I shall have it printed today. I am also having Mr. Johnson's speech set up. A Professor Swiggett telephoned asking that we should not use the manuscript sent you until she had again revised it and would send me the newer version. She has the opportunity to have it printed in some magazine very shortly but of course gives us the first opportunity to use it if we will. If it is not in a little more positive form than the last typewritten copy I shall very much advise having it come out as one of our publications. We need to strengthen our work on Economic side and I believe that our International membership would be interested in it.

I know I am trespassing on International matters in making these special suggestions and you must not let my opinion weigh too heavily. I haven't any means of knowing what the difference in price would be between our publishing it as one of the series and our having additional copies reprinted from the magazine. I doubt if it would be very much and in the long run we certainly can sell enough to cover the expense of printing. Mr. Johnson is considering ordering 3,000 copies of his which will bring our expense down to $17.50 per thousand. We can sell them for either three or five cents apiece to cover postage and work, or at the rate of $3.00 a hundred. I believe we can do this on the rest of the series.

I cabled Geneva asking Miss Boynton to send me a message for the bulletin in regard to the Committee on Traffic in Arms and to Miss Glücklich for European opinion on our International Congress. The return cable says Miss Boynton will send messages there ↑and↓ there are important things happening. It would be interesting to know the inside at once, would it not?

I will see to purchasing a filing case for the International material and to have a complete addressograph list of the associate members. Also we will charge the postage on the reports to the International fund. Twenty copies of the Report have gone to Hull House from the thousand which the National holds. Please accept them as a gift from the National office. [page 2]

Miss Balch is quite pleased with the suggestion which I made to her and I think we shall be able to get a great deal accomplished at the Executive Committee Meeting.

The enclosed letter from Mrs. Brite sounds quite exciting. I am having a copy sent also to Mrs. Hull and shall be glad if you will confer directly with Mrs. Brite and Mrs. Hull. You remember perhaps that Alfred [Bettman] of whom she speaks is a nephew of Mrs. Simon Kuhn, who entertained us on the Pax Special. It would be splendid if we had a good nest egg for the National work. At the present minute I think we can do more for the International by having a National income, by stretching the International fund. Perhaps you will not agree with me in regard to this.


National Secretary.


P.S. I think the British Report with Mrs. [Swanwick's] report of the Assembly will probably be quite satisfactory to the British Section and will certainly save expense and time here.