Alice Thacher Post to Jane Addams and Emily Greene Balch, September 5, 1924


September 5, 1924.

Dear Miss Addams and Miss Balch:

Dr. and Mrs. Graves of Chicago (Miss Addams will know who I mean, but perhaps she may not know that Mrs. Graves lost her mother this summer) have been visiting us and I have not found it possible to get down to a letter I have wanted to write about the "British Cahier."

Miss Addams must not think again of any trouble or delay that consideration of this matter may have brought about. If there had really been an omission which needed correction the delay was of no importance. I seemed to be in a hurry because I knew that I was expected to get the Report out in as short a time as possible, and besides as the end of the job came into sight I became desirous to get all my share of the distribution done before the post-vacation work of the office began. And this was achieved, for I finished it on the second of September.

I am glad Miss Balch points out that the so-called French Cahier was really the Commission Cahier. I only used the phrase "French Cahier" for identification purposes, since we had called it so in the Congress. I state this in the short paragraph in the middle of page 96 of the Report. At page 165, where I print this Cahier, I do not call it by this name at all on the page proper, nor is it called so in the footnote; but I called it so in the running head at the top of the page -- again for identification purposes.

The British Cahier was presented to the Congress, and Miss Macnaghten spoke to it briefly with a few explanatory statements. See pages 96 and 100. On page 101 I state that "the Congress voted that this Cahier should also be circulated to the National Sections." I have been looking this up in the Minutes. My statement was condensed (perhaps too much condensed, but we had to condense a lot) from the following statement in the Minutes:


"Miss Macnaghten proposed that this be sent to the Commission for consideration and through the Geneva office to the National Sections for study. This was voted upon and carried."

Evidently the British Section did not expect the Cahier to be printed in the Report [page 2] for Miss Evans made the Minutes. Of course they may not have expected the French Cahier to be printed in the Report either. But the French certainly did expect that, and Miss Heymann directed it, I think properly as it was a report from a Commission of the League. Also we could hardly have published Mme. Duchêne's speech without giving the text of what she was speaking to.

It seems to me that this British Cahier ought to be put ↑out↓ from Geneva instead of by us as I at first suggested. The vote I have just quoted seems to require this. I suggested in a former letter that we could arrange to pay for this internationally, and I suppose this is what ought to be done. But I am wondering who has paid for the French Cahier which has just been received in pamphlet form from Geneva. I suppose that was paid by the International too, don't you? I am not familiar with the International financial arrangements. I continue to think that Miss Addams might suggest to them that they edit it somewhat before it is sent out to the Sections.

Always affectionately yours,

Alice Thacher Post [signed]