Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, June 2, 1924



Hull-House, Chicago
June 2, 1924

Dear Emily Balch:

I am sending you a lot of letters connected with the Summer School and the Pax Special which I think it might be well to keep. Included in them is a letter from Mollie Carroll who was so fine about the Pax Special and I think can throw light on Miss Graves' personality. I am putting that in, in case you go to Baltimore as you suggested in you last letter.

Mrs. Goodman, through Mrs. McDowell, arranged all the Radio talking in Washington for us. It was suggested that I appoint her Chairman of a Committee on Radio. That seemed to me impossible but I gave a rather reluctant consent that she should be called Director of Radio ↑for the Congress↓. I think it is a very small affair and I do not believe any harm will come from it.

The Summer School ended in a blaze of glory. The last afternoon on the Church and the morning of the Youth Movement were our largest meetings, standing room only, although there were 525 chairs and it was rather difficult to get down town Decoration Day. I am sure you would have liked it all very much. I am going to try to do something for the New Republic or the Survey, perhaps both, and am keeping your suggestions.

I can not make out Frau Palthe's letter which I am also returning. Will you have the "advice of the United States" sent to her? She and Madame Ramondt have sent regularly $500 a month to the Geneva office and I think almost nothing else. I am most anxious to have something put in about the money, even if it has to be largely an estimate with a statement to that effect. It is most necessary and certainly if we know how many Associate Members have paid, we can do the rest. ↑If you want I can see you when I go east for the Toronto Conference about June 20".↓

Hastily yours,

Jane Addams [signed]