Marguerite Gobat to Jane Addams, May 26, 1924


Paquebot "France"

à bord le 26 Mai

My dear Miss Addams,

I forgot, in the little letter I sent from New York to give you my best regards for Miss Smith, to whom I could not say good bye. I feel so sad to go away from you, without having done all I wanted to do. But it leaves me the hope that I shall be able to cross the Atlantic a third time.

We have worked a little these last days, the French ladies over translations, Vilma Glücklich over Resolutions and I writing articles for Swiss news papers on Pax Special. [Tomorrow] [long] we shall be in France. In Paris I have to meet a gentleman who gives us his little daughter of 3½ years -- motherless -- and bring her back to Gland. It will be a great joy for all. [page 2]

Do you know that we have in our School Italian refugees, who have been very ill treated by the fascists in Firenze, father, mother, son and two daughters. We are quite a big family, now, almost 50.

I would be very glad to get all possible information on the Summer School and if possible the last part of Pax Special. Is that possible? With best wishes for all the work and for your health, I am, Dear Miss Addams

Yours very affectionately

Marguerite Gobat. [signed]

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