Speech to the Boston League of Women Voters, April 12, 1921 (Excerpt)



America Must Help, Says [Miss] Jane Addams

Chicago Woman Honor Guest at Boston Luncheon

Miss Jane Addams of Chicago is in Boston for a few days, the guest of Mrs E. A. Codman of 227 Beacon St. She was the guest of honor at a luncheon given yesterday in Hotel Vendome by the Boston League of Women Voters, at which Mrs J. Malcolm Forbes presided.



Among the guests at the president's table were John W. Hallowell, chairman of the Massachusetts committee for the fund for feeding the starving children of Europe, Arthur G. Rotch of the Massachusetts Branch of the American Red Cross, Miss Sarah Louise Arnold, Mr and Mrs John F. Moors, Mr and Mrs John S. Codman, Miss Sarah Wambugh of Cambridge, who recently returned from Geneva, Switzerland, and Miss Helen Cheever, also recently returned from Europe.

About 160 persons attended the luncheon, after which Miss Addams told of conditions in Europe, referring particularly to the effect of the war upon little children in all the countries of Europe.

Way to Help Must Be Found

"The conditions are changing," Miss Addams said, "and it is evident that ways and means must be devised to give some permanent aid. The first effort of all the relief agencies is, of course, to give food to the starving people. The condition of children in all the countries has been perplexing, even appalling. Starvation has made them like wild creatures fighting for the preservation of life. They have been reduced to the bare bones of self-preservation and the mothers have looked on aghast.

"The mothers have been unable to provide food for their children. It may be that the women of this country may devise some plan -- some means to keep the people of Europe alive until economic conditions can be readjusted -- some plan to relieve in a measure the great human suffering. We were aroused to help feed the starving people of Europe in war time. It is important that we should help the starving people in peace time."