Emily Greene Balch to Eric Drummond, April 13, 1921

The Hon. Sir Eric Drummond, K.C.M.G., C.B.,
Secretary General of the League of Nations,
Palais des Nations, Geneva.

13 April 1921.

Dear Sir,

May I respectfully call to your attention the following resolution of the Zürich International Congress of Women (May 1919):

"This International Congress of Women urges that the following clause be inserted in the Peace Treaty:

"That in any Plebiscite taken under the Treaty of Peace or a League of Nations women should have the same right to vote as men."

May I further beg that this matter may be called to the attention of the Council of the League of Nations with reference to the question [illegible] which I understand was raised in connection with the Vilna plebiscite as to the participation of women in the voting.

We are very desirous of seeing the right of women to vote in plebiscites recognized as an integral part of the policy of the League of Nations.

I have the [honor] to be, Sir,

Faithfully Yours,

(signed) Emily G. Balch

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