Boettcher, Dorothea (1852-?)

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Alexandra Reinold

To whom it may concern,

My name is Alexandra Reinold - I am the vice-president of the Chicago Columbia Club. Dorothea Boettcher war our first secretary. The"Columbia Damen Club" was founded in 1893 and changed its name to "Chicago Columbia Club" in 1942. We are still meeting to this day and celebrated our 125year anniversary in 2018.

In your "Biographical Text" on this page there is a mention of the "Columbia Damen Club" and Dorothea Boettcher's connection to it. It would be of great interest to me where you found this text as we are always interested in any additional information about our club.

I have read the transcript of Dorothea Boettchers letter to Jane Addams and there she does not mention the club. Therefore my question about the text.

With best regards,

Alexandra Reinold

Cathy Moran Hajo

Hi Alexandra, If you click on "View More Record Details" at the bottom of the map, you will find the citations for the biographical paragraph. The key one here looks to be the Harzig chapter of the Midwestern Women book. There is a Google Books snippet here.

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