Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to Velia Titta Matteotti, July 9, 1924


For the Press.

A Message of Sympathy addressed to Madame Matteotti.

The W.I.L.P.F. has sent the following letter to the widow of the deputy Matteotti: --

Dear Mme. Matteotti,

In the face of your great sorrow no woman can remain indifferent. The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, which has always condemned despotism and violence, protests with all its force against the political principles as well as against the iniquitous acts of Fascism, which has as its victims in all lands the men who are the most upright, courageous and free. The conscience of the world has been deeply stirred by the terrible crime which has robbed the better Italy of one of her most loved leaders.

But the sacrifice made by Matteotti to the ideal of liberty, in which he openly affirmed his faith, will not have been in vain. This excess of crime will bring to an end a hated régime, and the ideas which your husband defined will triumph.

May it be a consolation to you to think that your loss has hastened the coming of that moment when political life, whether it so wills or no, will have to be in accord with the highest human principles.

We beg you to believe in our deep respect and sisterly sympathy.

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