Florence Kelley to Jane Addams, July 28, 1924


July 28, 1924

Dearest J. A.:

Mr. See had written me directly and I had replied as follows: --

"Dear Sir: I have received your communication and have read it to several visiting friends; we are all amused at your presentation of opinions and prejudices as facts. Yours truly."

It is beyond the pale of serious argument and I was afraid that, in his opinion, silence might give assent.

You looked so weary when I saw you that I dare not urge you to take the long ride which I always find fatiguing, however beautiful. You know how happy it makes me when you do come.

Yours devotedly,

P.S. My telephone arrangements are a little different this year. It is necessary to use the following formula: Florence Kelley in care of Mrs. Clinton Cousins, Naskeag via Ellsworth and Sedgwick.

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