Jane Addams to Amy Woods, October 8, 1923


October 8, 1923

My dear Miss Woods:

Please let me know immediately upon your arrival in Chicago and I will make an engagement at once. I hoped Miss Breckinridge would consent to be Chairman of the Committee on the Award. She has just sent word that she can not be Chairman although she will work with the Committee. I wish you could get help from Miss Abbott. Perhaps she would help us ↑when we↓ do some of the final writing here after you arrive in November but I wish you would get the suggestions together from many of our members. Do you think Miss Balch would try one on her own?

I hope you can get suggestions from Grace Abbott. She has a very clear head, as you know, and had perfectly splendid suggestions at our first meeting at The Hague.

I hoped very much that The Hague meeting ↑in Dec 1922↓ would take the place of one of our regular meetings, calling that 1923 (as it was so late in 1922) and that we might have our next meeting in 1925. It is almost impossible to raise money so constantly for International meetings and I think a meeting in the United States would mean very few people could come from abroad unless we could pay their expenses. It is, however, very hard to go back on ↑modify↓ the decisions of the Executive Committee as they have decided to have the meeting next summer.

Hoping to see you soon, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Amy Woods
1403 H Street, Northwest
Washington, D.C.