Jane Addams to Amy Woods, June 21 - July 2, 1924 (fragment)


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2 Will [you] send 1000 to Geneva for the European members

1000 for the international members in the U.S.A. the branches, board members and lending libraries ([free]).

1000 kept in Washington to be sold later. I will buy $50.00 worth for myself and have the printer send mine directly to Hull-House.

I have secured first $1000.00 for the report which you will send on to Mrs Post, to pay out as needed.

I have never written the preface hoping that Miss Balch had done it, [& my?] opening address is I think enough from me.

Will you make out the check to the Womans International League for Peace & Freedom and send it to Miss Elizabeth [McManus] at Hull-House with the request that it [deposited?] [page 2] into the Savings Department ↑of our acct.↓. (Our acct is in the [First?] National Bank) and I will have her send you the proper form for saving bank accts. We have already had $60.00 interest.

Did Miss Glücklich send you the list of U.S.A. members so the reports could be sent to them from Washington?

We are having a very good conference here.

Hastily but affectionately yours

Jane Addams

5 Annesley Hall
University of Toronto Canada