Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs to Jane Addams, January 10, 1924


46 Van Aerssenstrasse

der Haag, Jan. 10th 1924. 

My dear Miss Addams,

Many thanks for your beautiful photograph, which I have given a place on my writing-table, so that I daily have it before one.

You know perhaps that I have been very ill. Two days ago I came home again. Two months and a half I have been in an Amsterdam hospital. [page 2]

The doctors there [were] of opinion I must have had that illness for years already, and that this it was what made me feel ill constantly. I feel still very weak but otherwise I should say that for years I did not feel as well as I feel now.

I hope sincerely that your health is in a perfect state, so that you can endure the fatigueness of the coming congress of our League in Washington.

With best wishes

admiringly yours

Aletta H. Jacobs

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