Jane Addams to Raïssa Rosen Lomonosoff, January 9, 1924



6, rue de Vieux-Collége

January 9, 1924

My dear Madam [Lomonosoff]:

It was very nice indeed to have a letter from you and to be again reassured of your interest in our Women's International League.

The meeting at The Hague, as you know, was a Conference to which individuals and organizations were invited and in that way it was quite unlike our regular Congresses. The one in Washington next May is a Congress to which only our own sections send delegates and they only are entitled to vote. It would be fine if the Russian women could get together in order to organize a section and if that new section could send delegates.

As you may remember, I met Madam [Kollontai] in Norway and was able to tell her of our great disappointment that she did not get to The Hague until after our Congress was over. I admire her very much and would be delighted if she or any of the other Russian women who are Pacifists could come as representing the new Russian section. ↑We might arrange for a "speaker" on another [basis] [although]↓ I am afraid it is impossible for us to get [visas] for anyone who is a communist. The Immigration Law is quite definite, as you know it, in regard to that. What has your experience been about it and what would be Madam [Kollontai's] position?

I am getting this letter off now in regard to the Congress but I want to write you very soon about many other things. I am so grateful for George's picture. What a handsome boy he has become. With cordial greetings to Professor [Lomonosoff] and yourself, I am always

Devotedly yours,

J. A. [initialed]