Jane Addams to Gifford Pinchot, January 9, 1924


January 9, 1924

Mr. Gifford Pinchot
Governor of Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Pinchot:

I signed the telegram of November 18 at the request of The Civil Liberties Union of New York City which I have always found so accurate in their statements that I was willing to sign the telegram although I had, of course, not personally looked into the situation. I am sending your letters on to them and I hope you will shortly have the names of the men for whom they requested Executive clemency. Jeanette Rankin who is living at Hull-House, joins me in this explanation and we both appreciate your position as set forth in your letter of January 3.

With all good wishes for the New Year to Mrs. Pinchot and yourself, I am 

Faithfully yours,