Charles B. Ball to Jane Addams, November 10, 1904


Municipal Museum of Chicago

St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 10, 1904

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams: --

5 P.M. Your note containing the enclosure for Mr. Albert received this morning. I have heretofore confounded Mr. Hermann Albert of the German Mining Division with Mr. Heinrich Albert, Assistant Commissioner, whom I have twice [met]. I cleared this up and had a talk with the right man this morning in which he consulted all the advice I ↑he↓ had received respecting the disposal of exhibits. This is his first day at the Fair after two weeks in the hospital, and he had no arrangement made of his papers as he would have preferred. I found that the four large paintings (brown backgrounds) which you desire will be sold for $2000.00 which he estimates as just about half of their cost. He is especially proud of their value as works of art.

He has also for sale the large exhibit of the Bochnmer-Verein, consisting of a splendid solid work ↑oak↓, back 20' broad and 10' high with considerable carving and have ↑having↓ in front of it a large central frame containing thirteen photographs of their large buildings and two side frames each containing five or six drawings of the small houses built by them. In front of each side wing is a model showing the house design in plaster [of Paris] (two of these). The tables on which the models stand are protected by a splendid brass rail. The price of this is $750.00, which he represented [page 2] as half its cost.

None of the Krupp exhibit is [obtainable] as it is to be returned. He will give us three large volumes illustrating in full the Krupp Housing. He will also donate charts of the Royal Mining Hospital and Mining School and similar charts of the Workmen's Union if we make a purchase of the Painting, but he feels that these exhibits should be given to actual purchasers so far as practicable.

I have had a favorable consultation with the Brazilian Minister [today] and find that no disposition will be made of any of their exhibit until Nov. 15th or so.

I also saw Col. Lloyd who fears that it is rather late to obtain any of the exhibits of [English] cities. I shall write to the various parties in England if possible by [Monday's] mail out of New York asking to cable instructions to the Commissioner. I do not feel sure that it will be possible to obtain a note of favorable notice from Mr. Lloyd to be included with each of our letters. It is absolutely necessary that my request to Mr. Hooker for a supply of funds be made ↑met↓ at once.

Please don't send congratulations on our work until the round up at the end showing that we have achieved something.

Very sincerely yours,

Charles B. Ball. [signed]