Jane Addams to Lola Maverick Lloyd, April 14, 1924

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April 14, 1924

My dear Mrs. Lloyd:

I have written to Madame Schwimmer that we would pay her $100 from the Speakers' Fund and that Miss Holbrook was managing another amount. I sent $25.00 to Miss Holbrook, Mrs. Sippy sent $25.00 ↑and↓ with hers and yours that would make $100 in Miss Holbrook's fund. The two funds together, the Speakers' and Miss Holbrook's, equal $200 which should take her through. She wrote me that she had had an attack of acidosis but I hope very much she will be able to go.

In regard to Wednesday, the point of Miss McDowell's was that these Liberal forces were already being brought into cooperation. We had a very enthusiastic meeting when Mr. Libby was in Chicago and much more representative of clubs and preachers than the one on Wednesday. I quite agree with you that we need such a committee but I am sure if you had been to the other meeting you would have considered that the best start.

I am sure we are going to have an attack from The Tribune during the Summer School and I only hope that having begun so early will make it less effective. In my letter to The Tribune, I merely stated the fact of what was done in International and National bodies and I do not agree with you about pledges. The only people who did stand, broadly speaking, during the War were the Quakers who have no pledge and of course it is a matter of temperament. I myself do think they "go all the way" as no one else does. However, that is a question in which we are getting so divided that I [page 2] sometimes feel it might be better to frankly have two organizations.

I hope very much you will reconsider and go to Washington. I had nothing to do with the appointing of delegates; I did not even attend the meeting. I have tried very hard to keep out of any possible differences either in the local or national office. It is hard enough to preside over an International body and you must go in with clean hands, as it were. Jeannette Rankin, of course, resigned at once as a delegate. She ought never to have been appointed from Chicago and as she is a speaker it is quite enough.

Do come to the Congress if you possibly can.

Faithfully ↑Affectionally↓ yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs. Lola Lloyd
312 West Hill St.
Champaign, Ill.