Jane Addams to Margaret Dreier Robins, February 26, 1924


February 26, 1924

My dear Mrs. Robins:

May I thank you for the box of delicious oranges which you so kindly sent me and which gave joy to many of the children at the parties as well as to the rest of us. I am very fond of Florida oranges and am always advocating their superiority, much to the regret of my California nephew.

I think I never wrote to you after the death of your sister, partly because owing to my much traveling I did not hear of it until several weeks after it occurred. I am sure you know that you have my full sympathy. I always admired her very much and was grateful to her for the courtesies which she from time to time extended to me.

I hope very much we are going to see Mr. Robins and yourself in Chicago soon. I am always, as you know,

Devotedly yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs. Raymond Robins
Brooksville, Florida

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