Peace Plan for American Peace Award, May 5, 1924




I herewith submit the following plan, in view of it being, if strenuously carried out, an effective, international achievement to preserve the peace of the world:

First: I propose, as an effective plan to preserve the peace of the world, for the officials of the American Red Cross, to be requested to endeavor to have an international cooperation between the Catholic Church and the Protestant denominations, also including all the religious Jewish societies, in the cause of good-will, fraternity and humanity, irrespective of religious beliefs, observances or religious formalities.

Second: The American Red Cross, now being a very effective institution for so much good, and being a chartered organization and also having international prestige or influence; therefore, the executive officials of this organization could make a very effective effort, in view of achieving so great a social benefit to Christianity and humanity, as there is no good to be derived from any ill feeling, animosity or prejudice. [page 2]

Three: For the officials of the American Red Cross to appoint a committee of six or more of the Red Cross, or, any other members, in the capital cities of the cooperative nations, to confer at any time needed with their respective Governments, in regard to international disputes or controversies; thus acting immediately as an international World Court to preserve the peace of the world.

Fourth: For the sake of the lovely children of both the Catholic and Protestant and Jewish Sunday Schools, merits every possible international endeavor to prevent war, and therefore preserve the peace of the world.

Fifth: To endeavor to create an international exchange of advice, information and interrogation, in view of improvements and developments in agricultural industry, an interest in which would tend to be an auxiliary means to help preserve the peace of the world.

Sixth: To hold international Religious Services once a month, in the endeavor to preserve the peace of the world.

The ravages of War, which causes indescribable suffering and destruction to property, ought to be prevented by every possible international endeavor, and the greater the number of nations that will fraternally cooperate, the greater will be the opposition to war.

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