Amy Woods to Jane Addams, April 7, 1924



Section for the United States
Headquarters, 1403 H Street Northwest


 April 7, 1924.

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House

Dear Miss Addams:

I have received a letter from Madame Ramondt and I am quoting two paragraphs, which give you special information regarding our responsibility for delegates:

"First of all I ought to take up the financial part. From several sides I got the information that $4000 had been deposited at the Wayfarer's Agency in New York for the return passage of twenty-five delegates and for their passage from Europe. Now the Wayfarer's Agency in London seemed a little uneasy about this as they are almost spending that sum on this side. First they pay all the passages (about $140 [or] $145 each) and then the railway tickets which are pretty expensive for those who come from Eastern Europe and from Scandinavia. However, I told them that there was not the slightest doubt that everything would be [alright] and so they say they will trust my word, which I think I can safely give in this matter! Now I would like to ask you if you will see to it that it all comes right. I quite understand that it is not at all easy to get money for this purpose in the U.S.A and I think the whole world ought to be grateful for the splendid thing you are all doing, and the way in which you are doing it.

I am putting as many as possible on the Andania for their home voyage; there are however some who cannot possibly stay so long, so I arranged it all for them with Mr. Franklin and expect everything will be in order."

I shall be glad if you will now forward $4000 to me and let me at once send it to Mr. Norton, of the Wayfarer's Travel Agency, to cover expenses both directions. I think it would be better to come to us first in order to have the record in the books.

[written in left margin] ↑I have asked him for an itemized account↓

I am sending you a copy of the list of delegates which Madame Ramondt sent us. They do not correspond with the letters which we have received from different persons in regard to their [page 2] arrival so that we will have to chance it on having Miss Hubbard, of New York, meet the various boats and trust that we shall assemble all our delegates at the proper time.

All the programs for the Congress are mailed today.

Dorothy Evans cabled asking if we will give hospitality to seven British delegates; I have replied that we will.

Also, Dr. [Surovtseva] has written Gertrud Baer that there has been some difficulty in arranging with Madame Ramondt about her coming. It is due, according to Madame Ramondt's letter, to a difference between the members of the Ukrainian Section as to whether Dr. [Surovtseva] should represent them. We cabled today to Madame Ramondt and to Dr. [Surovtseva] authorizing expenses for her.

As soon as we can decipher Miss Balch's hand writing we will send you further copies of Who's Who. I will see that they get to Miss Fleischman, also.


Amy Woods [signed]

National Secretary.

↑Mrs White has been here 3 days planning hospitality. [illegible] "foreign" dinner cost $5 a plate the same as the Washington Hotel charges and for the reception with the additional expense of the hall. [illegible] at 35¢ for coffee fruit [illegible] to sandwiches charges only 10 less than the Washington who plans on serving us at $1.50 a person. Mrs White is now trying to cut this price to $1.00 -- with this in mind, how many ought we to invite to the reception. Frau [Heymann] includes a copy of the invitation for your suggestions.

Howard University joyously accepts our invitation to be entertained by them.


Amy Woods.↓