Jane Addams to Lucy Biddle Lewis, February 20, 1924 (fragment)



Feb. 20 1924

My dear Mrs Lewis:

Your letter confirms my fears that the European delegates are sure to think that there is lots of money in the U.S.A. and unless we can get speaking for them we will certainly have difficulties. At the same time it is hard to frame a telegram to Mde Ramondt. I am [enclosing] one which we might sign Lewis-Addams if you approve of it.

You are quite right in your estimate of my $10,000 fund. At the present moment I have only $5655 but it will go better now that I am out again after my horrid bronchitis.

I am writing to Miss Woods about a meeting with the foreign women's clubs in New York during my stay in New Yk in March. We will have to have help from them and pray that most of the delegates will have relatives in the U.S. [missing page(s)]