Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, April 25, 1924


April 25, 1924

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:

We are putting our muscle into the Survey. Our Mexican Number of the Graphic reaches you this week; our Giant Power Number reached you in March -- two numbers which could scarcely have been more different in subject matter, but which had this in common: --

They interpret to those up to their elbows in the common welfare, the meaning of swift developments in two great areas of human concern -- the industrial revolution foreshadowed by advances in electrical engineering, -- the social revolution going forward in feudal Mexico.

At the same time letters from readers indicate that our consecutive service in our midmonthly in the field of health, education, industry, social practice and community organization, has made steady going.

To keep up this pitch of editorial staff work we need every ounce of backing we can muster. We have gone ahead in the midst of the most difficult publication situation imaginable. We owe $24,000 at the bank as I write but we shall clear our year, September 30, and shall have carried the education service of Survey Associates forward by a stride, if we can count on our friends.

You can imagine what a dashing thing it is therefore to have no word of renewal from a member who stands for the things you do. It is really touch and go with us. Your last remittance was $25 on January 6, 1922 for the publishing year ending September 30, 1922. May we have at least your pledge now for the current year, remittance at any time prior to September 30?


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