Jane Addams to Amy Woods, March 13, 1924



Dear Miss Woods:

[Enclosed] is the program of the Summer School. The printed ones with the illustrations will look very much better.

How many shall we send to Washington. Do you want one for each national member? Shall we send ↑to Washington↓ therefore 6000? Shall we from here send copies to the various women's organizations with a formal invitation to their members?

The Japanese [question] is a little delicate. Tomi Wada is from the west of Japan and much more active than ↑any one in↓ the existing body in [Tokyo]. Miss Jōdai as Sec'y of the affiliated body ought to be invited but doing it personally as I did I thought Tomi was legitimate. She [traveled] with us for some days and is ↑not only more fearless but knows a lot about the labor movement↓ [illegible]. I merely cabled that I would be responsible for $200, if she came. I doubt if that would be enough for Miss [Jōdai]. Couldn't we try for help from the Japanese Bureau in New York for help for Jōdai? They sent a delegate to ↑the↓ Vienna Congress. Rose Nichols in Boston also raised money for them at that time. ↑Miss Jōdai teaches in the women's college and [is] well known.↓

I am awfully sorry about the money, I hope for 2000 this week from Mrs Blaine and Mrs Rosenwald but I doubt if the letters bring in more than $1000, all told, I can do something in New York. It is too soon on the heels of the other Hague Conference. ↑I find among my friends, Dr Aletta Jacobs arrives [on] the New Amsterdam in N.Y. April 11" or 12" & will visit Mrs Catt. The latter wrote me a long kind letter but is not coming. Hastily yours↓ Jane Addams [signed]