Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, December 13, 1910


Dearest One

Your letter came today at the same time with one from Miss Wald. I am glad that the coming home isn't delayed any longer and we can make all sorts of plans after you come. 

I have been feeling very warm to little Chas Mather and rather amused at Polly's attitude yesterday. She was [page 2] torn bet her [ridiculous] attitude ↑(toward divorce)↓ and her pleasure in the name. Your father was looking very well and Miss Christensen not in the least resentful over my long abscence. I really have been unsociable and my teeth are aching this minute. I have been unable to go to see little Elizabeth Linn until a week ago last Sunday, [though] [illegible] [nursing] but I expect to be a proud [sight] in a few days. [page 3]

The hall is filled with candy and all Xmas is abroad [through] the House. The 23d we have the childrens play in the afternoon & again for the parents in the evening. Would you rather have one come to celebrate a birthday lunch or dinner?

Always Dearest, your J. A.

Dec 13" 1910