Edward Clark Marsh to Jane Addams, September 23, 1909


NEW YORK. September 23, 1909.

My dear Miss Addams:-

I have your letter of the 15th, which I have delayed replying to until we could get a report from the printers of your book. We have just heard from them that they have encountered some unexpected delays, but they are sending page proofs out to you at once. I trust you will receive them in due time, and if you could return them promptly, we should be able to publish the book in October.

I am much pleased to know that the Hull House book is going on so well. We should be glad to have the copy of this as soon as you can complete it. Our plans for book publication can be adjusted to suit the requirements you may make with regard to serial publication, though I hope it will not involve any great delay. If you wish to publish in the Spring, might it not be possible to send Mr. Phillips part of the MS. very soon, from which he could take such chapters as he wishes to use and have them appear, say, before April. I should not like to publish the book much later in the Spring than that.

So far as we are concerned, the title can be left until the MS. is completed. Perhaps when we have it all together, something will occur to us that just meets the requirements. I am

Very sincerely yours,

Edward C. Marsh [signed]



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