Harriet Castle Coleman to Jane Addams, August 1923

P.O. Box 3290

My dear Miss Addams

It was joy to hear from my sister Helen Mead that -- "Jane Addams was imminent in Honolulu -- from the Orient" -- and I take the first opportunity to send a word of welcome -- and reminder that our doors are wide open to you and your friend Miss Mary Smith.

We -- Miss Ermine Cross, and I shall be most glad to have you with us during your stay in Honolulu -- I mean that we want you to come to this hillside retreat -- and rest in the quiet and beauty which is spread out before us. Doubtless [page 2] George and Helen Mead have told you of it. Others will claim you of course -- but you must just know that you have this place to come to for your home -- from which you can go out to meet the others but always this place of freedom to do as you will.

I hope this will reach you in Japan -- surely we shall soon hear [echoes] of your coming and know when we are to meet you at the boat and bring you home to our Eyrie for as long as you will share it with us.

with Aloha from us both

Most sincerely yours

H. C. Coleman