Michi Kawai to Jane Addams, February 2, 1924

[8] ITCHOME, [illegible] KANDA.

February 2, 1924.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 South Halsted Street,

My dear Miss Addams:

I was greatly surprised to find a parcel on my desk some time ago, and when I opened it I found a beautiful etching of Hull House, with your kind note. Thank you very much for it. I do not see how you could remember me, when you had so many people to remember all over the world. Since our good picture framers have lost their shops, your picture is still unframed, but it will be done soon and that will be the first good picture we can hang in our newly built barracks.

We are so glad that you are regaining your health. I myself could not do anything for you, except do a little bit of interpreting to the boys and newspaper reporters, and even today I regret that I could not attend your big meeting given at the hotel. However, we all were so glad that you had left Japan just before that terrible earthquake. We do not wish to talk much of those terrible days, but we are so hopeful for the future. Thank you for the good will and prompt help given by your country to my country. [Although] there are many, many misdeeds and misunderstandings regarding the fund, however our nation has been so wonderfully blessed with that gift and with the good will behind that financial help. My prayer is that we shall be worthy of all the love and help we receive, from the world.

We have a nice new barracks for our national office, while the city Associations are building their semi-permanent barracks, and Miss Jane Scott and a few other secretaries are in America to see whether they could get funds for our reconstruction. Our relief work here is carried on very nicely, and we are adding to our staffs and our activities.

Please remember me kindly to Miss Smith, who wrote to me some time ago a very kind letter and I have not answered her. With many thanks, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Michi Kawai [signed]
Michi Kawai.

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