The Settlement in Relief and Reconstruction, September 25, 1920 (summary) Also known as: Address to the National Federation of Settlements, September 25, 1920 (summary)



Jane Addams, of Chicago, Speaks on Program of Future.

EAST AURORA, Sept. 25. -- Jane Addams of Hull House, Chicago, opened the 10th annual conference of the National Federation of Settlements, with a discussion as to what the immediate aims of the settlement and the program for the next five years should be, in light of three decades of experience and the needs of today.

Miss Addams praised the progress which the movement already has made and spoke of the urgent need of Americanization. Following the discussion, a committee was appointed by the president, whose duty it will be to prepare a digest which can be used at the meeting this evening.

Last evening, the president delivered an address on "The Settlement in Relief and Reconstruction." Mrs. Henrietta O. Barnett gave an address on "Canon Barnett and Toynbee Hall," illustrated by lantern slides.

This morning the delegates, who number about 200, made a trip through the Roycroft shops, and held round table discussions on neighborhood support of the settlement and a discussion on "Art in the Settlement."

During the noon hour, Ethel Dougherty opened a discussion on the preadolescent girl and John L. [Elliott] opened a discussion on a settlement program to prepare boys for trades, professions, family life and citizenship.

A business meeting was held this afternoon at which the reports of the secretary, treasurer and standing committees were read.

This evening the discussion which was opened by Miss Addams yesterday, will be continued.

Following discussions tomorrow morning on liberties in the settlement, results of national prohibition and reports of the Chicago survey on settlement administration, the conference will close with an address on "America via the Neighborhood," by John Daniels of the Carnegie Americanization Study.