Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, June 20, 1923



Miyajima June 20th 1923

Dear Emily Balch --

I have just written to Catherine Marshall suggesting that the Ex. Com. of the W.I.L. turn over to you for [traveling] expenses to China the $400.00 which you turned back to the Geneva office as your two months salary. I think that there is every reason why you should come [out] here. My peace welcome ↑here↓ by governmental official and [everybody] else, is most cordial and Tomi Wada is a perfect brick. You could do Japan in the spring on your way home from China & I can't tell you how much I want it.

Always devotedly yours Jane Addams

[written in top margin] P.S. These are [Korean] postals. We were delighted with [Korea] & the [illegible].

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