Jane Addams to Charles Henry Dennis, November 2, 1923


November 2, 1923

My dear Mr. Dennis:

I am sorry to have so long delayed replying to your letter. I have been waiting for several addresses which I have not even yet secured. I have asked Miss Boynton, the head of our local branch of the Woman's International League, to send you a list of members whom she considers qualified to take up the Peace Award plans.

I have also asked Mrs. Collier, secretary of the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, to do the same. It is possible that you have already communicated with both of them. I am sure that between them they will have some valuable local suggestions. I might add that I have also asked our National Secretary, Miss Woods, to send you names of people living in this general region.

I wish very much that Manley Hudson, Professor of International Law at Harvard University would send a plan. He, as you know, spends every summer with the League of Nations and has still been retained as a member of the Committee on International Law. He is not only very well informed but also very wise on the whole subject of peace.

We have a committee of our own working on a plan which it ↑we↓ will take much pleasure in later submitting.

Thanking you for your courtesy in the matter and regretting my stupid delay, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mr. C. H. Dennis
The Daily News
Chicago, Illinois