Mary Florence Denton to Jane Addams, June 12, 1923


June 9, 1923.

My dear Miss Addams: --

I am sure you will not remember me but I visited your wonderful work in 1900 -- (or 1901) -- with Mamie Donnelly and was entertained by my dear Mrs. Blaney in San Francisco five years or so ago when you made that wonderful address. ↑Mrs. Hamilton of Baltimore is also my friend.↓ The women of the Federated [page 2] Clubs of Kyoto desire to invite you to speak and of course this school & all Kyoto will wish to show you how your name is [honored]. We do not know where to reach you but Mrs Scidmore suggests that I may find you in Seoul. We are very eager to know when you will reach Kyoto and how long you will stay so may I ask you to cable at [page 3] my expense -- "Denton Kyoto" -- is address enough and I will appreciate a rather full telegram telling when you will arrive -- how long you will stay and whether you can accept the invitation of the Clubs and other invitations.

This school you know is a Congregational School but not a mission school -- with Japanese trustees -- presidents -- Deans [page 4] and a faculty largely Japanese -- we few Missionaries of the American Board are simply teachers not officers. The dean of the Girls' High School & Colleges (there are two Women's Colleges -- Home [Econ] & Modern Language.) -- is Michi Matsuda a graduate of Bryn Mawr -- who did graduate work both in Bryn Mawr & Columbia.

I wish I could venture to invite you and your [page 5] friend to be my guests while you are in Kyoto -- and in my case I hope you will give me the privilege of seeing much of you.

I rejoice in your visit and I am sure you will do all Japan great great good.

Very very admiringly yours

Mary Florence Denton.