Jane Addams to Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett, December 13, 1922

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The Hague Holland
Dec 13" 1922

My Very Dear Friend --

You are absolutely right about the Paris Conference. I will do the best I can with the French delegates and shall hope to see some of the English Committee in England. I am coming from Denmark to England about Dec 24" and shall be there for a week or more -– but perhaps not in London just at first if we land in the north of England. May I telephone you upon my arrival. Your letter opens up lots of things that I want to talk about. With affectionate greetings to Miss Paterson and to you my devoted love, I am always yours Jane Addams.

P.S. Mrs Swanwick International House 55 Gower St. [London] ↑will [always have] my [address]↓

[written down left margin] P.S. We had a fine Congress!