Mary Rozet Smith to Lillian D. Wald, October 18, 1923

Oct. 18.


Dearest L D W

We look forward to your coming with impatience and the first day that is right for you is the best for us. Do make it a long enough time to serve as a little rest for you as well as the greatest treat for us.

J. A. is having teeth extracted [page 2] and undergoing other painful experiences -- not physically painful -- incident to the fall starting of things -- She looks shockingly but seems to feel fairly fit and bears the [various?] strains better than seemed possible.

I am sending you a Chinese coat -- not exactly wearable but to be cut up for [page 3] cushions and the like for Saugatuck and a few trifles for Mrs. Wald's amusement. Our Korean chests seem to have perished in the earthquake though we still hope that they may by some miracle, arrive.

Lots of love from us all meaning Jane, Eleanor, Sally and your devoted old M R S.

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