Jane Addams to Hannah Clothier Hull, January 28, 1926



6, Rue du Vieux-Coll├Ęge

My dear Mrs Hull;

I have had rather an aggrieved letter from [Madeleine] Doty about finances but I think that long before this she must have had my second letter and be feeling better.

I can't understand how she got into her head that we expected her to raise money for the Dublin Congress. I mean to go at it as soon as I get back from the West Indies, and I am sure we will come out with enough.

I am a little disturbed that she has asked Miss Surles to come over and help with the book keeping but I said nothing about it as it is probably settled and of course she will do it well. I have written a letter [tonight] which will I hope make her realize how much I admire the work she is going for I certainly think she has been fine.

I will be in New York on the 27th and hope to some to meeting at least for part of the day. Just where is it?

I saw Miss Baber [today]. She is in high spirits about the Haiti trip. Has the colored member been secured? I am so glad that Paul Douglas is going, I admire his work very much.

It will be so good to see you soon. Always affectionately yours Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. I have secured my passage on a Dutch Boat sailing for France on June 19th.