Eugénia Miskolczy Meller to Jane Addams, December 16, 1923


Budapest VII Wesselényi u. 6. Dec. 16th 1923.

My beloved Madam President,

Accept my heartiest best wishes of the Season. May your noble dreams of the eternal Peace on Earth be realized [soon] and may you rejoice in it.

We try to do our best in these most adverse circumstances and look trustfully and hopefully towards the word of our admirable American sisters. How good of you to undertake the arrangement of our next Congress, which is sure to be a great success. [page 2]

The word of your illness in Japan gave us much anxiety and we were much relieved to hear you are safe and back home again. Oblige me by giving my kindest regards also to your faithful friend & doctor, Miss Hamilton.

Respectfully and affectionately yours

Eugénia Miskolczy Meller

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