Amy Woods to Jane Addams, December 7, 1923


December 7, 1923.

Dear Miss Addams:

Your letter came just in time this morning to give Miss Ingham an enthusiastic welcome to the National Office. She starts in today on work for the Congress and the Legislative Committee.

Yesterday we held an all day session of the Executive Committee and approved a plan suggested by Miss Ingham which she is sending to you today to be referred to the Agenda Committee, if you approve also.

I am a little appalled that the Summer School follows so soon after the Congress. Perhaps it will be just as well, however, to put both through quickly. I am waiting for a telephone from Mrs. Lewis as to whether May first will be feasible for her -- since we were especially asked to avoid the Friends' Yearly Conference which comes approximately at this time. I will add a footnote as soon as I hear from her.

The League of Women Voters holds its annual meeting national congress in Buffalo the previous week, so that we would not conflict there. The Y.W.C.A. holds a national congress conference in New York the same week, and follows here with a meeting of international leaders about May 15th. Possibly we could make some combination with their foreign speakers.

I should be very glad to have an advance of money for the international work. We are sending out today and tomorrow the circulars to all the membership, and I will get out our Bulletin at the earliest possible moment, when I know if the dates you have set are acceptable to Mrs. Lewis.

Thank you for the letters for our files. I would like to work out some definite plan by which I could know whether we ought to do something or leave it to you; otherwise, I am afraid we may duplicate or leave something vital out. Shall I refer all matters that go to the International Committee to you, or shall I send them direct to Miss Glücklich? Will you write about [Brailsford] and Lowes Dickenson for the Summer School? And shall we use them for an evening meeting if they come over? [page 2]

I understand that the National Committee is to plan for the evening meetings. Do you advise having a meeting every night? I think that it would be pretty difficult in Washington to obtain an audience each night. Possibly a reception one night would be better.

Annual Meeting: At the Executive Committee meeting yesterday we voted to suggest that our Annual Meeting be held directly at the close of the Congress, and be confined to matters of business only.

International Summer School: That we ask Miss Breckenridge to call a committee together in the Middle West to care for the Summer School. We should, of course, be glad to have her act as chairman, if that were possible. We suggested that the leaders of the Branches in the West, including Mrs. Stockwell, Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Atkinson, be asked to act on this committee. Do you think it is feasible to ask the Chicago Branch to take the brunt of putting through the details of the Summer School? Poor Miss Boynton, I do not want to overtax her, but I feel as though Washington were pretty far away to handle the matter satisfactorily.

Please tell me how long the Summer School is to last -- one week or two?

We are going ahead with a great deal of enthusiasm, courage and spirit, largely, I think, inspired by your enthusiasm and help.

I asked the Executive Committee yesterday what they felt about sending the $50.00 to the German Group while the leaders are away. They felt that they wanted to know more of how the work would be carried on before they could pass judgment. Frau Vimmer, from Doesburg, is in Philadelphia now, and Miss Dulles is going to get her advice in regard to it.


National Secretary.