Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, March 18, 1923


Dear Emily Balch --

It was awfully nice to have your letter from Luxor. I was about to write you and urge that you and Miss Cheever plan to come to India next winter. I am sure the women are just on the verge of coming [over?] into a peace movement (and I hope) [although] we have only one really affiliated group. I am [enclosing] a copy of their publication, the sec'y an English woman married to an Indian complains that they do not get enough material from Geneva, she thinks some of it may go to Mrs Besant and get lost in her huge mail. We lunched with the sec'y and Mrs Cousins & others at Adyar a [page 2] most interesting spot.

We saw a lot of the Brahmo Samaj women in Calcutta, they are fine [although] a little timid about Peace. I have had various receptions [etc.], there for Social Service Leagues but only twice have I been permitted to talk of the W.I.L. once of course to Adyar and once to a Committee of Peace women and others in Bombay. The Gandhi movement is of course in a very transitional stage and also not all of the leaders are for [nonresistance although] all for [noncooperation] with the British. Do plan to stay [over] for next year and let me give you a lot of addresses leads. We are having a most interesting journey, we have a week more in Ceylon and then go to Hong Kong & so home by Aug. or Sept. [page 3]

It was fine to have your letter from Dorothy North. We find it impossible to go back [through] Siberia much to my disappointment.

I haven't heard a word from the Geneva office and have no idea whether or not Mrs Karsten finally got through or whether Miss Sheepshanks [needed] for [an] organizer. Mrs. Swanwick wrote me of the Nobel Prize plan, but I have little confidence that it will go through. Certainly the Pres't & Sec'y are most conventional people.

I think of you many times during our wanderings and always with the deepest affection. I feel as if there was no [W.L.] without you. With love to Miss Cheever and to you always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

March 18" 1923