Jane Addams to Vilma Glücklich, December 4, 1923

Chicago, Illinois
December 4, 1923

My dear Miss Glücklich:

I have delayed writing for a long time hoping that we would be able to give you the exact date of the Congress but we could not decide until we knew just when we could have the Summer School at the University of Chicago. It looks now as if we might have that on the tenth of May and that would mean that the Congress would have to begin promptly May 1. It is necessary to have everything somewhat early because of the great Presidential Conventions meeting in June and we will have no chance of publicity after they are started. We hope however that there is a little advantage in the fact that the Congress will be held just a month before they meet and make their platforms. Unless you hear to the contrary by cable, the Congress will open in Washington May 1 and the Summer School May 10. That would mean of course that the Executive Committee meeting would be held a week earlier in Philadelphia and that all the members of the Board would have to come in April. Mrs. Lewis is looking up steamship rates but of course everything that you do in Europe along that line is all to the good. Fraulein [Heymann] and Dr. [Augsberg] are coming over to lecture and will therefore be in this country and we hope very much that Gertrud Baer is coming early to help organize the Congress. We all feel that it is better for you to be in Europe until you start in April because we must keep the office in Geneva going and things will doubtless be very busy there. [page 2]

We hope to be able to send money to bring two from each of our twenty organized sections and of course the members of the Board would have to have the first claim on those funds, each one perhaps representing her own country at the same time but I think it would be all right for you to send that information to the sections even although the money should be allocated by a European committee.

Everyone was so pleased with the last bulletin as well as the letter. I think you show real ability in the matter you are getting out. Of course the sections are always clamoring for more than we can possibly give but I am sure they must have been pleased recently.

Am I right in assuming that we here can get up an [agenda] for the Congress and perhaps invite a few speakers for the public meetings before the Executive Board meets, the Board of course passing on everything before it goes into effect. Have you sent out requests for suggestions for the program? They ought to come in to you and be sorted and sent on to us unless you feel that it would save time to have them sent directly to Miss Woods' office in Washington asking her to do the work of sorting for you. On the whole, that might be better even though a trifle irregular. We are anxious to have a few leading names to use for advertising purposes and as soon as you know who will probably come perhaps you could cable to me a few names that could be thus used.

Of course we expect to have some difficulty raising the sum indicated in our circular but we are going at it with a right good will.

With every possible good wish for a Merry Christmas to you and to Mlle. Gobat and to the household of the Maison Internationale, I am ↑always affectionately yours,↓

Jane Addams [signed] [page 3]

P.S. As soon as we know the names of at least two people who are coming from each section we will begin to try to make appointments for them among their own nationals in this country, i.e. the Swedish or the Norwegian colonies, etc. to arrange for private lecturing.