Jane Addams to Amy Woods, December 3, 1923

American Relief for Russian Women and Children
Room 1318, 19 South La Salle Street, Chicago

Hull House

December 3rd 1923

My dear Miss Woods,

I am really not for reprinting the Bulletin, it seems to me that we could get up more interesting material using part of it as "extracted from our last Bulletin." ↑But your [illegible] should prevail.↓

The Summer School Com. should be appointed by the National here. I am sorry that date has been so slow but poor Miss Breckinridge has been caught in a mass of red tape. I will telephone the date.

Thanks for your letter. I hope my $100.00 for [missing text] Nat. Council -- [missing text] for 10 copies of the bulletin.

Hastily yrs J. Addams

↑[I] send 10 copies of the Bulletin↓