Jane Addams to Amy Woods, December 1, 1923


December 1, 1923

My dear Miss Woods:

I am sending you the [enclosed] letter from Mrs. Spencer and my reply. I am sure you know I do not wish to repudiate any of your statements but I really think I have given my position quite ↑fairly↓ well in the [enclosed] badly written letter which I did late last night myself.

Mrs. Fuldheim was here and quite disappointed that she was not to do more than Wisconsin. She says that she is quite sure if she has her audiences she can get the money but that she can not go around and secure her own audiences. She also thinks that it is wasting time to go to the smaller towns in Wisconsin. Mrs. Trimble seemed to me in very good form. I think I wrote you or Mrs. Lewis that she was quite sure of $1000 from Detroit and [$200] each from Ypsilanti and Holland. She is starting for St. Louis and Kansas City but I quite agree with you that it would be a great advantage if letters could be sent out ahead.

I think that would better be done however in the name of the National and from the office. I hope that you will be able to go South. I will ask Mrs. W. I. Thomas to give me some addresses of places she may know of there. She was the very first organizer of the Women's Peace Party and quite a charmer.

Faithfully yours,

J. Addams [signed]

Miss Amy Woods
Washington, D.C.