Graham Taylor to Jane Addams, November 17, 1923


November 17, 1923

My dear Miss Addams:

Enclosed please find my treasurer's report for October. So little income from regular donations falls due in October and November, that receipts inevitably fall behind expenditures during these two months. Instead of borrowing at bank, I am making advances to the current accounts from the $3000 awaiting reinvestment, in order to save interest. It will be refunded from current income as soon as possible, or from a loan at bank when the Investment Committee is ready to reinvest this amount. Meanwhile I am making efforts to secure contributions.

I also enclose the list of appointments to committees authorized at the annual meeting. Please note your own appointment. Each committee will meet on call at dates previously found to be mutually convenient.

Since the annual meeting two occasions met with a response that is very encouraging. The announcement of a travel talk on Italy, by Mrs. W. A. Rowley, illustrated by stereopticon pictures taken by her husband and herself, drew a "family" attendance of Italian men, women and children numbering 650 in our hall, which can provide seats for only about 400. Their recognition of the great buildings and statuary which they greeted with applause, was noteworthy.

Through notices given to the Polish Mothers' Club and to the Polish boys and girls registered in their clubs, classes and in the library, and by personal invitations extended by Miss MacDonald, our family [counselor], at seventy homes, 375 Polish people attended our "party" held especially for them. They were much interested in violin solos by a Polish boy and a Ukrainian girl who have received instruction in our music department, and also in Polish folk dancing by young girls in native costume. This response was especially encouraging as a token of winning the interest and cooperation of the Poles who are more difficult to reach and yet are sure to constitute the great majority in the Thirty-first Ward.

Sincerely yours,

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