Jane Addams to Jessie F. Wheeler, March 9, 1910


March 9, 1910.

Miss Jessie F. Wheeler,

Troy, N.Y.

My dear Miss Wheeler:-

Doubtless many of the members of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae are already familiar with THE SURVEY, and I am sure will agree with me that it is the one journal which may be depended upon to report each week the current developments in charitable and civic undertakings as they influence the social movement.

The staff of THE SURVEY is composed of men distinguished in various lines of research and therefore qualified to ascertain advanced undertakings in municipal government, in education, in sanitary science and in the many other lines of activity which make for social amelioration.

THE SURVEY, through its news, articles and editorials reflects quickly and concisely the thought and experience of those at the centers of philanthropic effort, or those who have exceptional opportunities for observation in the movements of social advance. It moreover constantly reviews those books, constituting perhaps the most vigorous contribution to contemporary literature, which deal with industrial and social conditions.

For these reasons and many others I feel justified in urging every member of the Association to become a reader of THE SURVEY.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. Through courtesy of THE SURVEY editors a typical number is being mailed to you.

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