Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, August 6, 1923


August 6" 1923

Dearest Emily Balch --

Mde Ramondt wrote me that you might take the position of organizing secretary and of course you know how happy I should be, if it came out that way. There are wonderful opportunities here in Japan where there is a [wide] sentiment for peace and disarmament. They are very quick to free public opinion and they have been disconcerted over the wide spread opprobrium against German militarism. If you came to China, you [page 2] would of course come here too. I have never anywhere been so feted as a peace advocate, it was positively [embarrassing] at times, 5000 school children waving flags [etc.] It was all brought to an abrupt end by my illness but I have had an opportunity to talk to people quietly -- Miss Jōdai & several others have been up here to see me. They are very genuine pacifists and will at once formally affiliate with the W.I.L.

I haven't heard from you since we first struck Peking, the [page 3] letter from Miss Cheever you wrote me about, has never reached me. We have [lost] a good many letters I suspect. I am convalescing very well and we sail for home on August 23d.

Do write me to Hull-House. I am very anxious to hear the results of the Executive Committee meeting. It is of course ↑not↓ for me to dictate expenditures but I hoped the money on hand could be left for the Geneva office at the rate of 2500 francs a month, & that increase of salaries or anything else the Board decided upon could be raised in Europe.

My right breast was amputated & owing to age and size the healing has been a little slow. The Japanese surgeon was very fine as was St Lukes hospital.

Always & forever devotedly yrs,

Jane Addams.

[written on top margin of page 1] P.S. Alice Hamilton has come over to go home with us!