Korekiyo Takahashi to Jane Addams, August 8, 1923

10 Omotecho Sanchome, Akasaka-ku,
Tokyo, Japan.

August 8th, 1923.

Dear Miss Addams,

I am very glad to hear from you that you have recovered so soon as to be able to come up to Tokyo in a few days, and look forward to the opportunity thus afforded of having the pleasure of seeing you here.

In consultation with Governor Inouye of the Bank of Japan, to whom I hear you are introduced by Governor Strong of New York, I have been thinking of arranging a quiet small dinner party for you and Miss Smith. If you will kindly spare the evening of the 20th or the 21st, either of which will suit us both, I shall be exceedingly delighted. My wife also hopes to meet you then. You will greatly oblige me by telling me if the proposed arrangement will suit you and fixing the day convenient to you. As I shall be out of town for some days to come, staying in Karuizawa, I have to ask you to send your answer to Mr. Abe, Secretary of the Bank of Japan. Kindly inform him at the same time where you will be staying in Tokyo.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Korekiyo Takahashi [signed]

Miss Jane Addams,
Kanaya Hotel, Nikko.