Harriet Angeline Castle Coleman to Jane Addams, July 31, 1923


July 31 1923

P.O. BOX 3290
T. H.

My dear [Miss] Mary Rozet Smith --

It occurs to me that I may have put only a 2ยข stamp on my letter to you yesterday by the Shinyo Maru as I was stamping letters to the Mainland at the same time -- thus -- the letter may be delayed or may never reach you -- and I will briefly repeat its contents -- which were to the effect that we shall be sorry not to entertain Miss Addams and her friends in our house on the uplands [page 2] but I can well understand the situation and that Miss Addams in her weakness might not feel as free as in a hotel -- therefore I shall do my best to find comfortable accommodations as you suggest in a good hotel -- we hear that of The Pleasanton which is in a cooler locality than the beach hotels -- almost every one wants to go to the beach and if you do it will be easy to change -- however -- there is no elevation in The Pleasanton it has easy stairs to the second floor though. If you should have any choice in the matter can you wire before you leave or from the boat to Castleton Honolulu "Pleasanton" or "Beach" and we will be ready for you -- with Aloha Sincerely yours

H. C. Coleman

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