Francis Greenwood Peabody to Jane Addams, September 22, 1922

September 22.

My dear Miss Addams --

I have read with the deepest interest your thrilling story of the “war against war” maintained with such fortitude through these bloody years, & I should have acknowledged [page 2] your kindness sooner but for a touch of writer's cramp, which even now forces me to use my daughter's pen. 

I do not wholly concur with you in testing Christian conduct by the simple rule of [nonresistance] & have always felt that [Tolstoy] over-simplified the problem [page 3] of conduct. Nor can I feel that the best agency for peace is an organization representing one sex. A League, either of men or of women alone, would seem to me likely to be misjudged by those not eligible. On the other hand I recognize with deep gratitude the importance of your persistent protests & [page 4] the healing influence of your practical service & I view with horror the present state of the world which seems to have failed completely in casting out the beast of letting the ape & tiger die.

I shall try to see you in Chicago & express more fully my appreciation.

Cordially yours,

Francis G. Peabody

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