Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, February 7, 1923


Feby 7" 1923

My dear Stanley

They are always irrigating by having the cattle draw water from the wells as per [enclosed] picture. The whole country is semi-arid and needs water, in a way that must seem very familiar to you.

Mary Smith and I are both very well now [although] we started in with [intestinal?] colds. We have been in India only ten days but it seems much longer because we have seen so much and as many [page 2] peoples -- the British governing class, the missionaries & Y.M.C.A.s, the native social service people, archaeologist and many another. We have a good many letters and are also very kindly handed on to other people.

We plan to go to Burma from India, then back to Ceylon and from there to China and Japan. We probably won't reach California until July unless we find Japan too hot in June. It will be awfully nice to see you for the very first [illegible] [home?].

Please give my dearest love to Myra and the little girls. I do hope that all goes well in the coming months that I will see 3 children instead of 2 next summer.

Always dear Stanley [your] loving Aunt Jane.