Jane Addams to John Haynes Holmes, February 6, 1923


Feby 6" 1923

My dear Mr Holmes

I have found it impossible to see Gandhi, he is allowed but two visitors in each three months, naturally his wife is one and his followers are eager for the other chance. I have seen a good many of his people, one of them a most charming and spiritually minded young man in charge of the Spinning School at Gandhi's home on the river Sabarmati. One hundred [page 2] and fifty of them live there, learning to cane and spin and to "understand life." It is a beautiful spot in the midst of huge experimental cotton fields. It was like the beginnings of a religious order, as the Franciscans must have been before St Francis died!

All this is preliminary to say that I have sent for by post a Gandhi cap. We see them all over the country as they are worn by his followers -- sometimes in groups -- and it always gives me a certain thrill, [although]  candor compels me to state that they are not so picturesque as the turbans.

Faithfully yours

Jane Addams

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